Friday, June 29, 2012

23June'12-WhampoaLLRC-dumpling festival

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Special thanks to TPY central CO-Ms Mabel Chee-Constituency Manager (Wellness) for their faith and continuous support to our SMC LY team. This time around, the session by AAC-active ageing committee was for 40 elderly residence. LY Session was supported by: CLYL-Danny, Eric, LP-Lim, SiewYin, Bing, Ming mum and our special guest Kemas family(wife and daughter) from Indonesia. Are the team having fun ... see the movie lah!!! very good, very good yeah!!!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


16th June LY session with Whampoa Lorong Limau RC resident. Thanks to her effort all 26 senior citizens had a great time...please listen to their feedback. We had a very good mix of male/female citizens - about 30% male participants. From their feedback, I told Yvonne time to think of a LL laughter club...hahaha!!!
Thanks to Doris, Ming and mum for the support.

Friday, June 15, 2012

15th June 2012, we were invited to 'play' with some residence of TPYEastcc. Many signed up but 16 turned up. This session I was supported by: CLYL-Eric, Lim, SiewYin, Grace, Peggy, Ming and mum. The 4 children who join the fun with their grandparents said they enjoy the session too. Please see the movie.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

8thJune'12-InnovaJC-FB video

Due to space constraints in the blog, this 2nd movie was made separately. It's a snapshot of the participants' feedback on the 8th June LY session. As time wasn't in our favour (team needed to rush off to another location immediately after their quick lunch), the feedback was done openly. A simple question:  “How do you feel after the LY session?” was asked to some participants. After their input, I take the opportunity to provide the comment on the benefits of LY before we closed for the day.

All the good stuff: happy, enjoy, fresh, warm, feel heart beating ...just laughing (too good lah)!!!

Thanks so much for the laughter. Hope the laughter did last for 3 days...hahaha!!!